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• SuperHatch Creates an area hatch using an image, a block, an external reference or a wipeout.. • - Rectangular and polygonal clip on images • - Polygonal layout viewports.. PowerTrim works also on Hatches and Gradients • - Display and create Gradient Hatches.

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• - Create ADOBE PDF standard with your dynamic 3D content inside • - Share content among drawings • PowerTrim Trims multiple, adjacent entities by dragging the pointer across each entity.. • - A visual and intuitive interface to edit object properties • DiscardDuplicates Removes duplicate or overlapping entities from the drawing.. • - More than 300 additional hatch patterns • EditTableCell Inserts, deletes, merges, or resizes cells, rows, and columns in Tables.. A parametric 3D CAD modeler Is built with Qt FreeCAD runs exactly the same way on Windows, Mac OSX.. • - A module for quick, easy management of external references • - A friendly, familiar environment for AutoCAD ® users.

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ICADMac’s extremely affordable price when compared to competitor's products makes the software the ideal choice for those who search for realistic cost optimization in design, revision and creation of technical documentation, without giving up the quality and compatibility available in the market standard.. Extends or trims two entities where they intersect at a virtual corner Oct 3, 2018 - Download FreeCAD for free.. ICADMac enables any user accustomed to AutoCAD ® to start working with their DWG drawings using iCADMac without the necessity of any conversion and with no steep learning curve.. • CustomPaperSize Manages custom paper sizes for built-in printers (PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG, or DWF).

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• - Basic rendering functions with Light and Shading management • - Multiple line creation of up to 16 simultaneous tracks.. ICADMac immediately stands out for being compatible, both the drawing format, and the AutoCAD®-like User interface.. • - Creates a package containing the current drawing and its dependent files • - PDF and DGN files can be attached as an underlay to a drawing file and used as a background for your drawings.. ICADMac is a 2D/3D CAD application for the MAC OS X using DWG and DXF native formats, representing a powerful, reliable, complete, easy to use and economic software.. Supports grayscale output, PDF layer, TrueType font embedding, and document properties.

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• - Display and create tables • - Display, create and edit DWG drawings with images, photos and raster images.. • Array along a path Copy an object or a block in series along a defined path.. • - High compatibility with the DWG drawing file format, from Version 2 5 up to the most recent AutoCAD ® 2018 • - PDF file conversion into DWG with Layer supported - Export your drawings in the PDF format. 5ebbf469cd